A Garden of Inspiration
Ginger Stache

Waiting for your big break? For that great idea that will change your life? Stop waiting and begin cultivating the inspiration you need.

Inspiration is vital. It isn’t a nice to have or a luxury; it is an absolute necessity. Whether you call it your muse, a jolting spark, or encouragement at just the right time – we all need those motivational pushes to keep us moving forward. Inspiration is food for the soul, fueling your passion, creativity, and satisfaction. Without it we dry up, get bored, stagnant, and ineffective.

The burning question is where do we find it? How do we access the inspiration to keep our tanks from running low leaving us stranded on the side of the highway of progress?

I’ve learned that inspiration demands cultivation. Yes, there are times that it drops into our lap and propel us into genius, but more often than not, we must diligently pursue it. And seek it out on a regular basis!

Because I like you and want to see you inspired and inspiring others, I’m about to share a bit of my own secret stash with you. Like a pirate’s booty of motivation, here are some helpful suggestions to find and cultivate inspiration. Consider it a lovely garden of seeds, sprouts, and full-grown thoughts of beauty and motivation. Hopefully sharing a corner of my little garden will spur you to discover your own green thumb!

First, the answer you expect – and yes, it needs to be said. Find inspiration in nature, art, music, and film. Look for beauty. Everywhere! Even (and perhaps especially) where you least expect to find it. It is God’s gift to each one of us and it never fails to encourage and inspire me.

Be ever curious. In everything, ask questions. Look beneath the obvious details. Even apparently still waters often have an underlying current – an undertow that you can’t see on the surface but motivates movement and actions. Resist complacency and judgement at first glance. Explore the deeper facts, reason for feelings, and unexpected possibilities. What you uncover may be the surprising inspiration you need. It’s not what you look at that matters – it’s what you see.

Discover the inspiration in others. Cultivate a genuine interest in people and a desire to know more about them. Listen! Allow “How are you?” to become more than a passing greeting. This is where we often find the stories that amaze and motivate us to greatness. Get out among different people, cultures, ages, and beliefs. You’ll be enriched, educated, and inspired.

Dream big but focus small. Consider the small steps that form the pathway to your goal. Consider the lessons, sacrifices, and detours along the way as fodder for inspiration and an important part of your journey. The things you may naturally overlook may be more instrumental than you realize.

Remember to spend time doing what makes you happy, including serving others. There is great satisfaction and inspiration there. (BTW, you’ll find more about this and unlimited inspiration in the Bible.)

Inspire and find inspiration through your imperfection. This is fertile ground for learning those important lessons that catapult you forward. And if you’re vulnerable enough to share your experiences with others, it can propel them along with you. Failure is not always failure at all.

Finally, don’t overlook the irritants – the grains of sand that makes us who we are and motivate us to create an alternative or an antidote. This is powerful mojo! Remember, God can use that annoying person or situation in your life for your good.

As you are cultivating your garden of inspiration, remember that God has designed you with great purpose in mind. He has hope and a good future ahead for you and He has everything you need in place to inspire and encourage you along the way!


– love, Ginger


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