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One of my favorite things is to interview people – all types of people. I love hearing their story, connecting with them on a deeper level, and at times, connecting them to a story hidden deep inside…a part of them they didn’t even realize was significant.

I enjoy asking the right questions at the right time to uncover the gold beneath the surface. Not a list of questions – a conversation. This is a two-way street. I find that the connection between us is often more important than the exact words we exchange. It’s in the eyes, the smile, the compassion, the trust. The words eventually come.

Naturally, I ask a lot of questions. And I have found a great deal of gold in a lot of people. Because of that, I feel like a rich person.

At the same time, years of focusing on other people’s stories have perhaps made it less natural for me to talk about the gold inside of me. I’ve been working on rectifying that. After all, how can I help people through the gifts that God has given me, if no one knows what’s there?

I’ve been in the world of media and leadership for a long time. Okay – not that long, I’m not Methuselah, but I appreciate my experience. I’ve learned a lot and I want to put that experience to work for the benefit of others.

I’m an award-winning writer, producer and documentarian. An excellent communicator and an engaging storyteller who can bring home a point in a memorable way.

I’m a natural leader, a good decision maker, and a visionary. It is my joy to bring a team along on a journey with me and to see them rise above what I could have ever done myself.

I see the good in people. And often, I see that good much more clearly than they see it in themselves. That’s not to say that I don’t also notice negative traits in people, but I have a knack of identifying great potential. To help them to polish up their unique skills so that those challenges they face become less of an obstacle.

I’m creative, strong, compassionate, loyal, tenacious, and many say I’m a lot of fun to be around. When I connect with someone, my desire is that the joy of Christ overflows in their life because I was with them.

Now, to be transparent, those things were not easy to put in writing. Not because I’m unaware but because I also believe in humility and it seems a bit self-centered to acknowledge such things. It’s uncomfortable.

This is where I turn the tables to you (and subsequently feel much more comfortable). It is vitally important that you become aware and embrace the qualities that God has placed in you! Don’t be full of yourself, but don’t be hesitant to acknowledge what you have to offer.

You must know who you are. I do. But I’m more than the list of things I offered above, I’m a daughter of God. He designed me with such intricate creativity that it is a slap in His face not to acknowledge it. I am loved, capable and strong because my Heavenly Father created me to be so and stands behind me every step of the way.

What is your story? Who are you? First, you too are a daughter or son of the King! That’s where it all begins. Are you also a capable leader? A loving parent? A brilliant strategist? A fierce crusader for justice? Are you growing, learning, and doing your best? If so – embrace it!

Make a list. Share it with someone. There is gold in you. Dig it up and offer it to those who will benefit. Stay humble, the goal isn’t to add pride to your list of challenges, but it may be time to acknowledge the talent and the potential that God created in you!

– love, Ginger


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