Time to Spit Out the Binky!
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His mother said that he could only have a pacifier at bedtime and nap time. “Binkies stay in the bed,” were her exact words. So, after his nap, I went into his room to get our sweet grandson out of the crib. “Binkies stay in the bed,” I said as I took it from his mouth.

The next moment I looked back at him and there it was again! He was smiling happily behind another binky. What?! How did that get there? How did the little Houdini do it? I gently pulled it from his clinched jaw and off we went.

The following day, I was determined to see behind this little magician’s curtain. What was this trickster up to? So, this time I watched carefully. When I went into his room, I was surprised to see one binky in his mouth and two in his hand. Take a look at the photo for evidence. As quickly as I pulled one out, he popped another one in. Three times!

We both laughed and I had to give the kid props. He was determined and resourceful! Even though I may be a tiny bit biased, I must say it was quite brilliant.

Why do we hold onto our security blankets with such gusto? We will plan, scheme, sneak and avoid letting go at all cost – especially if it means we will be losing that familiar comfort.

His mommy is right. Our little man can’t go through life with a pacifier in his mouth. How will job interviews go? What will the wedding photos look like? This is what is best for him…it’s just that he doesn’t know that yet.

I’ve asked myself what I’m holding too tightly onto. Now let me ask you. What security blankets do you need to let go of?
• A bad habit?
• An unhealthy relationship?
• A job from which it’s time to move on?

What could possibly be stunting your growth or progress? You may not understand it yet, but are you getting that nudge that it’s time to unclench your jaw and release? To spit out the binky?

Those nudges are often God’s Holy Spirit guiding you. They don’t always make sense in the beginning and it’s difficult to let go. But it is for your own good. That’s how God works. The Bible says in Psalm 119:105 that He gives us a lamp unto our feet and a light for our path, but the final destination isn’t always illuminated. At least not yet.

I’m confident that our grandson will survive this transition – he won’t go through life sucking on that binky. He will adjust and move on. And so will you. Spit out the binky my friend! No matter how hard it may be, you can do it with God’s help. And you’ll be better for it. You may be amazed where God takes you when you let go of that tight grip.


– love, Ginger


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